Uniform Patches

updated 04/12/2020

Collection of regular season, bowl games, championship games, and spectial game commemorative uniform patches listed oldest to newest. If you have one not shown, please send it in! I'll attempt to identify which are actual game worn patches versus those that are Collector Patches sold as souvenirs. 

MPatch_1960sHarryHusker_Big8.jpg (139630 bytes)

1960s Big 8 with Harry Husker


We'll start off with one that I am certain is a collector patch, as Nebraska didn't wear patches until 1989 except for a few bowl game patches or screen applications on the shoulders. This is a late 1960s or early 1970s patch featuring Harry Husker. Measures 5" long by 2-1/2" tall. Still a pretty cool patch!

MPatch_1969SunBowl.jpg (159443 bytes)

1969 Sun Bowl Patch


A souvenir patch from the 1969 Sun Bowl. Would have been a heck of a neat jersey patch, but difficult to attach. 

MPatch_1984OrangeBowl.jpg (133928 bytes)

1984 Orange Bowl Patch


Game worn patch from the 1984 Orange Bowl, still attached to its jersey!  It was worn on the shoulders, facing forward. 

(thanks to Cory Johnson for the patch photo)

MPatch_1984OrangeBowl_JSmith.jpg (92022 bytes)

MPatch_1983_OrangeBowl.jpg (69656 bytes)

1983 Orange Bowl Patch


Game worn patch from the 1983 Orange Bowl.  It was worn on the shoulders faceing outward.  It was screen printed directly on the shoulder, facing outward.


(thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo)


MPatch_1985_SugarBowl.jpg (108676 bytes)

1985 Sugar Bowl Patch


Game worn patch from the 1985 Sugar Bowl, still attached to its jersey!  It was worn on the shoulders facing outward. 


(thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo)


MPatch_1988_Big8_Champs.jpg (173283 bytes)

1989 Orange Bowl Patches


Game worn jersey and patchs from the 1989 Orange Bowl. The left shoulder patch celebrated Nebraska's Big 8 Championship, while the right shoulder commemorated participation in the 1989 Orange Bowl. 


(thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo)


MPatch_1989_OrangeBowl.jpg (210281 bytes)

MPatch_1989_OrangeBowl_Jersey.jpg (326704 bytes)

MPatch_1989Season.jpg (330298 bytes)

(thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo)

1989 100 Years of Husker Footall


A great patch that is very hard to find!  Worn during the 1989 season to commemorate 100 years of Husker Football. These were worn on both shoulders facing outward. This was the first season that the Huskers wore a patch on the uniform at NU.

MPatch_1989-2010_FedExOrangeBowl.jpg (121687 bytes)

1989 Orange Bowl Collector Patch


This was the offical bowl patch of the FedEx Orange Bowl from 1989 through 2010.  Nebraska played in the Orange Bowl seven (7) time during this stretch; 1989, 1992-1996, and 1998, although they don't appear to have worn the patch for the 1989 bowl game.  Measures approximately 3-1/2" inches tall by 3-1/4" inches wide.


NU's record in these games was 3-4, losing to Miami in 1989 and 1992, Florida State in 1993 and 1994, then beating Miami in the 1995 Orange Bowl for the 1994 National Championship, Virginia Tech in December 1996, then Tennesse in 1998 for the 1997 National Championship. 

MPatch_1990Season.jpg (308925 bytes)

(thanks to Cory Johnson for the pic)

1990 Season Patch - Authentic


This one speaks for itself. Iconic Block N with Huskers Script logo. These were worn on the front part of the left shoulder, facing forward. 

MPatch_1991Season.jpg (292052 bytes)

1991-1998 Seasons Jersey Patch


Slight variation from the 1990 season without the year on the logo. They continued to be worn on the front of the left shoulder as shown in the 1990 example. This one continued through the 1998 season.  This was replaced by the current version in 1999.   

(thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo)


I am hearing that there may have also been a dated patch worn during the 1991 season. If anyone has a patch, or a good photo showing the patch, please send it in.

MPatch_1991FloridaCitrusBowl.jpg (71159 bytes)

1991 Florida Citrus Bowl Patch


A unique patch, as it was embroidered directly on the jersey, not an actual patch.  Sewn on front of the right shoulder. Nebraska's patches included the year as shown, while the Georgia Tech version did not.  Georgia Tech patches were worn on the left.

(thanks to Cory Johnson for the photos)

MPatch_1991FloridaCitrusBowl2.jpg (43147 bytes)MPatch_1991FloridaCitrusBowl_GT.jpg (43096 bytes)

MPatch_1996FiestaBowl.jpg (258435 bytes)

1996 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Patch


Or as the Florida Gator fans still refer to it, the Fiasco Bowl!   


(thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo)


MPatch_1996SeasonBigTwelve.jpg (98173 bytes)

1996 Big 12 Conference Inaugural Season


Pretty basic design, though unique as it was rectangular instead of oval or round like most uniform patches.


(thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo)

MPatch_1990sPants_N.jpg (362894 bytes)

1998-1999 Pants N Patch


I can find photos of the "N" patch on the right hip (upper thigh, facing forward, not sideways) of the white home uniform pants in photos of the 1998 and 1999 team. May have been worn in other seasons. Measures 2" tall, by 1-3/8" wide. 


MPatch_1998_HolidayBowl.jpg (260825 bytes)

1998 Holiday Bowl Jersey Patch


A very hard to find bowl game patch. 


(thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo)



MPatch_1999Season.jpg (204190 bytes)

1999 Jersey Patch


The jersey patch design was updated in 1999, and is still worn on the left shoulder facing forward.  I don't know of any variations that have been used, as photos from every season (with the exeption of throwback uniforms) all appear to use this design.


(thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo)



MPatch_2002_RoseBowl.jpg (170242 bytes)

2002 Rose Bowl Jersey Patch


The Rose Bowl Game presented by AT&T. Classic Rose Bowl patch design that hasn't changed very much over the years.

(thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo)


MPatch_2002_RoseBowl_Crouch.jpg (72779 bytes)

MPatch_2002_IndependenceBowl.jpg (76382 bytes)

2002 Independence Bowl Jersey Patch


Uniform game worn patch from the 2002 Independence Bowl.  


(thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo)



MPatch_2009_Gator_Bowl.jpg (187340 bytes)

2009 Gator Bowl Jersey Patch


Bo Pelini's first bowl game and bowl win in his first season as Head Coach of the Huskers following the 2008 season, beating the Clemson Tigers 26-21.

(thanks to Cory Johnson for the photos)

 MPatch_2009_Gator_Bowl_Ganz.jpg (63890 bytes)

MPatch_2011_B1G_1stSeason.jpg (173359 bytes)

2011 Jersey Patch


This special commemorative jersey patch was worn on the right shoulder for the 2011 season to mark the inaugural season of Nebraska's membership in the Big Ten (B1G) Conference. It was worn in addition to the traditional left shoulder patch that has been worn consistently since the 1999 season. 


(thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo)


MPatch_B1G_RedWhite.jpg (228719 bytes)

2012 - B1G Big Ten Conference Patch


The red and white background patches to the left are worn on the traditional home and away jerseys for all sports, but only on the right shoulder of the football jerseys starting with the 2012 season in place of the 2011 Inaugural Season patch above. The black one below has been worn on alternate uniforms.  White is 2-1/4" wide, the other two are 2-1/8" wide, all about 1" tall. 

MPatch_B1G_Black.jpg (141297 bytes)

MPatch_2012_CapitalOne_Bowl.jpg (117050 bytes)

2013 Capital One Bowl Jersey Patch


Played Jan 1, 2013 following the 2012 season. The Huskers lost to the Georgia Bulldogs 31-45.

(thanks to Cory Johnson for the photos)

MPatch_2012_CapitalOne_Bowl_Abdullah.jpg (57040 bytes)

MPatch_2014GatorBowl.jpg (171671 bytes)

2014 Gator Bowl Collector Patch


TaxSlayer.com Gator Bowl patch, bowl game played between Nebraska and Georgia following the 2013 season. Measures 4" tall by 4-5/8" across the ribbon. The Huskers won 24-19.

MPatch_2014GatorBowl-Armstrong.jpg (38150 bytes)

2014 Alternate Uniform Patch


Special patch worn on the 2014 Red Rising alternate uniform worn during the September 27, 2014 game against Illinois.  The patch celebrated the 125th season of Nebraska Football. It was worn on the left shoulder in place of the traditional patch worn since 1999.


MPatch_2014HolidayBowl1.jpg (91502 bytes)

2014 Holiday Bowl Collector Patch


National University Holiday Bowl between Nebraska and USC. Measure 3" tall by 4-1/2" wide. The souvenir patch is below. It measures 4-1/2" wide by 2-3/4" high.

MPatch_2014HolidayBowl.jpg (198665 bytes)

MPatch_2015FosterFarmsBowl.jpg (353954 bytes)

2015 Foster Farms Bowl Collector Patch


I took this photo with the patch still in its protective packaging. Measures 3-1/2" tall by 3" wide. Real patch modeled below by Tommie Armstrong! 

MPatch_2015FosterFarmsBowl-Armstrong.jpg (45835 bytes)

MPatch_2016_MusicCityBowl.jpg (357630 bytes)

2016 Music City Bowl Collector Patch


I took this photo with the patch still in its protective packaging. Measures 3-1/2" tall by 2-3/4" wide. Game worn patch below as it appears on the jersey of LB Deddrick Young. 


 MPatch_2016_MusicCityBowl-Young.jpg (71497 bytes)


MPatch_2019_150yr.jpg (141533 bytes)

2019 150th Anniversary Jersey Patch


Jersey shoulder patch commemorating the 150th season of NCAA Football.  Worn on the player's right shoulder.  The one is from a game-worn jersey.

(thanks to Randall Myers for the photo)